A hope for tomorrow

Today the official site is being launched with this the project its set. We hope that this is I hope that more people are aware of Global warming. Not just this but also for people to start making a change for a better tomorrow. There are many good and innovative ideas out there and as well as many ideas they need just a little push. We hope that with this page those ideas could be started. If you have any please don't stop on contacting me, and with this I finish my first blog entry. Please tell your friends about this its the only way to start the movement .


    My name is Guillermo Alonso and I am the main builder of this site. The importance of this site is for people to be aware of global warning. Also to help us get closer to the plan we have of building an electric car. In this blog we will be updating the way the project is going.


    October 2012


    Senior Project